Labsis is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) focused on improving laboratories productivity and efficiency. It can interface with all your automated analyzers, centralizing and automating the management of the lab and delivering high quality results

Interface any analyzer

Counting with many developed analyzer interfaces and the ability to develop new ones. Labsis can interface with pre-analytical instruments and reference Labs.

Ready for the Cloud

Designed with the cloud in mind, Labsis is ready to help you reach the next Lab infrastructure

Key Metrics

Get real time statistics of the lab operations, always having control and improving decision making. Tests reports, TATs, Patient Segmentation among many others.

multi_deviceFits any device

Labsis is 100% Web.
Be able to work on any operative system and device, with full access to all Labsis features

Easy Integrations

Interconnect your Laboratory to the Hospital Information System (HIS) or any other external platform with ease. We have extended experience connecting with other external systems, we use HL7 standard protocol or many other possible communications tools: SOAP, REST API, text-file sharing with any given format.


Take absolute control of your test validation process, reach consistency and high quality of delivered results using Labsis Autovalidation Module.

Based on the CLSI guidance for test autovalidation, Labsis provides the tools to create complex rules for the automatic validation of defined analytes. Create rules using biological and analytical variation, patients demographics, delta checks, and analytes relations.

Two-step Implementation

Test your validation rules with real patient information before activating the auto-validation module for a specific lab area. Test and tune up your rules, just release them when you are ready.

Quality Control Management

Centralize your QC, manage your analyzers controls from a single workstation. Use Levey Jennings charts, multi level Westgard Rules. Compare similar analyzer controls behaviour, react before big issues can compromise your results. Compare different analytes using Six-Sigma.


Keep track of your stock movements with Labsis. Integrated with lab operations, allowing to have a quick picture of the number of test per analyte that is available in a defined time point. Labsis counts with friendly tools to make inventory recounts and help reach zero variance inventory.


Monitor your sample storage facility, define storage time and get easy to generate reports with samples expiration dates. Locate any stored sample easily and accurately. Work with multiple rack types, multiple locations and positions


Enhance your team communication and performance. Send notification messages to the entire lab, a group or a person. Receive automatic flags and notifications in a single location.

Traceability and Routing

Track every step of the lab process. Labsis tracks the samples and gives all information about where they are, route them to their next area and reach a agile and control process. Define as many samples check point as the lab needs.

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